Networking Your Way to the Perfect Position: Tips and Tricks

Below is a document with sample questions for use in Informational Interviews

Informational Interview Questions


Not sure how to request an interview? Try this basic template for your email request:

            Hi Bob, I am very interested in building a career in fundraising and am eager to learn more about that career path from accomplished professionals. As I read through your profile on your company’s web site, it was great to see a fellow Anteater (or other college mascot) serving the public good. I would love to meet with you for thirty minutes over a cup of coffee to learn about your career path and how I might best break into the industry. A few good times for me are Tuesday the 19th at 9 or 10 and Thursday the 21st between 12:30 and 4. Please let me know what would work best for your schedule.

Thank you